Print-on-Demand and Drop Shipping for your personalized Merchandise

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No Minimum Orders

No Inventory

No Investment

Start within Days


DTG Printing


Screen Printing

UV rint

What we can do for you

Private Labeling
Most of our products are ‘white-labeled’ or have ‘tearaway’ labels. 

Campagne & Large Volume Batch Printing

Our setup offers printing on-demand from 1 single pc up to Screen Printing and Custom Made production of 100.000 pieces from our own Factory in Pakistan!


If you have other pre-produced items that you would like to sell in your webshop, we have our own warehouse to store these items for you.

E-commerce Solution
With our API’s and Webshop system we can get you online within days, no previous experience required!


We produce and ship products 5 days a week, with the capacity to upgrade this to 7 days a week if required. Our Production system also has the capacity to run 24/7 hours a week.

How it works

Choose to connect via API if you have your own webshop, if you are starting up and have not got a webshop, apply for the OfficialBrand webshop.

Select the products you want to sell. Let us approve your designs and artwork to create the digital mockups.

Once the products are designed and other content have been added to your webshop, you are ready to promote and sell online.

You decide what you earn

We work with a fixed minimum production fee, handeling and fulfillment charges. You are completely free to set your retail price. The difference between our charges and your retail sales price is your PROFIT. Most retailers maintaine a profit margin of 30% to 40%. However the only one who can decide the right profit margin, is you! Afterall you know what your Target Group would spend.

Some of our customers using our Merchandising services